Mr. Reed is the teacher you always wished you had! He is America's Favorite Rapping Teacher and Chief Enthusiasm Officer (CEO) of TeachMrReed, the global education company inspiring the world to make learning fun again.

The passionate educator, prolific author, and speaker is also the widely-acclaimed host of the celebrity YouTube series Mr. Reed Reads, and animated facilitator of the popular U.S. book club tour Reed-A-Long.

Catapulted into notoriety by his blockbuster video, "Welcome to the Fourth Grade", Mr. Reed and his work have been featured on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, BBC News, The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, and in The Washington Post and Time Magazine.

As a viral phenom, Reed spreads his message of inspiration and empowerment that reaches a weekly audience of more than 50,000 followers, subscribers, readers, listeners, and fans. Each month, hundreds of new and aspiring teachers attend his engaging live seminars and rousing, interactive workshops, to experience the thrill of teaching via Mr. Reed’s riveting accounts of and cautionary tales of teaching in inner-city Chicago.

As an avid philanthropist, Mr. Reed has partnered with iconic brands that include 3M, Old Navy, Arby's and Abbott Laboratories to celebrate educators and raise awareness of youth issues. Mr. Reed also supports countless youth charities, after-school programs, and educational nonprofits dedicated to student-centered learning and academic achievement.

Mr. Reed appears on Good Morning America

Mr. Reed gives his student’s mom his car