Mr. Reed is the perfect choice for conferences, trainings, school events, videos, corporate branding campaigns, television shows, and commercials. He and his team offer customized services in the following areas: speaking, teaching, training, singing, songwriting, rapping, and video performance.


REED Will Speak -  Keynote & Professional Development Sessions

Your First Year of Teaching: How to Survive & Thrive

This session hilariously chronicles the crazy time known as one’s first year of teaching! Mr. Reed shows his love for pre-service educators by giving them a real, raw, and completely authentic look at what the first year of war…teaching… is like. Reed will share his out-of-the-box ideas and many of the experiences that helped him survive his first go-‘round at things. Future teachers can expect to see a genuine picture of what the first year will be like, and to leave with a smile on their face, and a song in their heart!

Turning Love into a Love for Reading

This session highlights ways in which building a relationship with students can rewire their ideas about reading. Mr. Reed, a reading teacher by trade, will discuss tactics and strategies he’s used in the classroom which have caused hundreds of children to develop a love for reading! Changing your relationship with your scholar will always change their relationship with reading. Find out how, here!

Being the Educator You Always Needed

This session will inspire your staff to be the educators they always needed! Taking a page from the “I remember that teacher who…” handbook, Reed will help educators re-discover their WHY of teaching, and will emphasize the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with scholars, both in and outside of the classroom. Each participant will leave with dozens of practical, relationship-building strategies which can immediately be implemented in their classroom.


I’m White and That's Alright: Actionable Strategies to Serve Students of Color

This session will equip educators with the "What to do's" and "What to say's" necessary to best serve their students of color, and connect with their families. Mr. Reed will cover a brief history of privilege, prejudice, and power in education (and how these dynamics affect the school system today), then transition into practical ways and actionable strategies for teachers and educators to love and serve kids who don't look like them.


REED Will Rap - Song and Music Video Production

Mr. Reed knows what it’s like to go viral - now, it’s your turn! Do you think your school, business, foundation, company, or program has what it takes to make a splash across the internet? America’s Favorite Rapping Teacher can make it happen! If you’ve got a principal who loves to dress up, a product that needs a song to show it off, or a staff that wants to brighten the world with their sweet dance moves, Mr. Reed is the one to team up with! Let TMR capture your idea and take it the next level!


REED Will Read - REED-A-LONG Book Tour and Video Series

Mr. Reed loves to read! More than that, the licensed reading teacher is excited to share his love of reading with kids, everywhere! With that being said, we at TMR present the REED-A-LONG Book Tour 2019! Mr. Reed will travel far and wide to schools, libraries, hospitals, and youth programs, reading, rapping, and rolling on the floor laughing over some of the craziest and exciting books out there! Nothing beats a good read-aloud, and nothing captivates young audiences more than a good book. Mr. Reed will bring you the best of both worlds with his amazing REED-A-LONG Tour!


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