Teach Mr.Reed

to TeachMrReed, a global education company dedicated to changing the lives of kids and teachers through love. In education, relationships matter, so here at TMR, the focus is reaching each heart with a smile to brighten their way, and a tune to keep things funky!


REED will speak: Speaker & Professional Development

REED will rap: Songs & Music Videos

REED will read: Storytime & Read Alouds

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Mr. Reed Writes


I’m a 1st Year Teacher and I’m Burned Out

“From the outside looking in, I appear to have everything together. My 1st year of being a teacher is going very well. But, things aren’t always as they seem…”


A Day in the Hood: A Teacher and His Student

“Despite the options of quick money, power, and respect that lie before him, Ja’vion wants to do things the right way. I’m both optimistic and proud. He knows what to do, and he’s got a plan to do it.”

 ”As seen on…”